Viking Events signup form

Welcome to our event signup form. You can apply here with one form to all our events.

This is the sequence of an application

  1. Fill out this form
  2. We will go through all applications and send all acceptance/rejection letters at the same time (please don’t keep asking us for updates!) via e-mail. If we need more information, we will also send you an e-mail.
  3. You will receive a contract for each event, which we need you to return to us signed.
  4. You come to our event and have lots of fun.

    Which events

    We would like to apply to these events: Schonungen September 6th - 8th 2023

    Who's applying?

    We might ask for supplemental pictures or information about your kit separately.

    Contact person

    Measurements of your camp

    Please round all your measurements to full meters. Please don't leave unnecessary free space and take care for walking paths and pegs/ropes in your planning. Ropes may not be put up in the public walking space!
    If you are applying for multiple events, it would be great if you could comment the actual size in the comment field. Something like "We will come with full camp to Schlotzau, but only one tent to other events" is great and helpful!

    If space is really tight (like in Wolin), what is your absolute minimum camp size?

    Camp info

    If you want to tell us significant changes for specific events, please do so in the comment section. That includes your planned buildup day (usually thursday or friday).

    Trade & Crafts

    We are bringing a trade booth (no mead/no toys)

    Please note that you are not allowed to sell merchandise that has not been listed here.