Event rules

Rules for camps, craftsmen and traders

Events usually take place from Saturday till Sunday. In doubt, times and dates in your contracts and on on-site flyers are binding!

Buildup time: Thursdays, 12 noon – 10pm, Fridays 8am – 10pm

Event hours: Saturdays 11am – 10pm, Sundays 11am – 6pm

Teardown time: Sundays 6pm – Mondays 10am
No teardown earlier than Sunday 6pm – the event is still open!

Important rules

Every booth/camp and each fireplace have to have a working and legal fire extinguisher ready.

Only the merchandise that was mentioned in the application is accepted. Please observe legal rules and regulations for your booth (the city council will check for your permits and rule violations)

Tents, camp and merchandise must fit into the impression of an early medieval market. We reserve the right to exclude inappropriate items from display.

No modern stuff during event opening hours! This rule applies on the whole area of the event, not only inside your camp/booth! We would be very happy if you could try to stick to authentic early medieval camp life even outside the opening hours.

Fire: only on the designated official fire and BBQ places or in self-supplied metal firepits on legs. No digging of fireplaces!

Your camp are must be clean and undamaged when you leave.

Accepted tents:

  • “saxon tents” (Geteld)
  • Oseberg tents with wooden frame
  • Conical tents with a middle pole, in acceptable early medieval form
  • normal “A-frame” neutral tents

We don’t allow any modifications of these tent types, like saxon tents with additional wood-frame entrances, “alex” desert tents, etc. We will not let you build these tents on the event.

Materials: Wool, linen, cotton. No plastic foil must be visible at any time!

If you have any doubt, please ask us beforehand to avoid discussion and disappointment!

Examples of acceptable tents

Saxon tent (Copyright: sew-mill.com)
A-Frame tent (Copyright: sew-mill.com)
Conical early medieval tent (Copyright: Sew-mill.com)